Happiness is a Slow Loris

It may be an endangered species and it may have sharp teeth but I want a slow loris more than anything else in the world (this week).


A slow loris

A slow loris


The slow lorises are three species of loris and are classified as the genus Nycticebus. These slow moving strepsirrhine primatesrange from Borneo and the southern Philippines in Southeast Asia, through BangladeshVietnamIndonesiaIndia (North Eastern India, Bengal), southern China (Yunnan area) and Thailand. They are classified as vulnerable or endangered species, and are hunted for their large eyes which are prized[2] for local traditional medicine. The Indonesian name, malu malu, can be translated as “shy one”.[3]

I want  I need a slow loris.  I need to protect it from all those hunters.  I can’t believe someone would hurt a creature like that.  Nurzie showed me this video the other day and I was filled with an indescribable sadness that won’t go away until I get to tickle my own slow loris.

Please let me know if you would like to make my dreams come true by buying me a slow loris.

I have to go think of a name for my pet-to-be…

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