Omegle 2

(Because Omegle sounds like Omega)

Reverian’s post, The Omegle Diaries, cracked me up.  I decided to give Omegle a shot, only to determine, 5 minutes later that it’s certainly not for me.  This is what happened:

1) Got on Omegle

2) Was told to say hi to a stranger (which set off rusty alarms in my head)

3) The stranger said, “HAAAAAAY” (which set off even more alarms)

4) I quickly find out that my stranger is from the Netherlands (I KNEW IT!)

5) Elle/il a 15 ans! (errr)

6) I lecture him/her on life.

7) Stranger starts to get depressed.

8) I try to sound a little positive.

9) Stranger runs away

10) Like this:

Stranger: but we’re having visit
Stranger: i need to go
Stranger: msn; (do I get a point for getting a stranger’s e-mail that fast?)
Stranger: byeeeee

En fin je dis, merci monsieur Reverian, mais Omegle est bizarre et ce n’est pas pour moi.
The post that made me laugh.  Read it! I love Reverian.  Some days.  Most days…

4 thoughts on “Omegle 2

  1. You most certainly get points for getting an email that fast. In all my attempts I not once got an email.

    Not sure what I’d do with it though. Can you eat an email address? Hmm.

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