Oxford: A Trip to Rowan Oak – II

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The  Five Twelve Inn is within walking distance from the Square (but if you’re lazy like us, you can still drive there).  Other than location and the exterior architecture, the inn was a little disappointing.

S. had booked the only room at the inn that accommodates three guests.  We picked up our keys and made our way up the narrow stairs looking for our room.  I must admit I was practically jumping up and down in excitement when I realized that our room was not just any room but a loft!  We had the whole attic to ourselves, with two beds, a bar/kitchen and our own little living room.  It made me want to invite all my imaginary, artsy friends in Oxford for sushi and a foreign film.  Sadly, I did no such thing.  As I was mentally going through the possible guest list trying to remember who was in town (my imaginary Oxford friends travel a lot: art shows, concerts, fashion shows, etc.), S. discovered a horrible stain (like gasp,-is-that-blood kind of stain) on the carpet.  Then I noticed the dirty towels in the bathroom.  Then we saw the dust.  That’s when our awesome loft lost its awesomeness.  It became a bleak and neglected huge room.  I was too embarrassed to contact the cool Oxford crowd…

Anyway, S. complained about the stain (they claimed it was wine) and we were moved to two rooms on the first floor (why do Americans insist that the first floor is actually the second floor?).  This is where I noticed the cool decor.   I loved the furniture and the overall feel of the place.  Dark wood, soft light and warm tones.  Some of the furniture looked like mid-century modern and that mid-century impression was reinforced by the old-fashioned bathrooms; claw-foot tubs and teal walls!  Despite the dusty rooms and the worn out towels, the place has potential.  I think under better management, the Five Twelve Inn would be a fun place to stay at.  They need friendlier staff and should consider a better breakfast…hmm like the scrumptious breakfast we were served at Wilkins Town House.

This post unintentionally turned into a review of the bed and breakfast… Maybe someone will find it useful!  More on Oxford and The Square in the next post.

Blurry shot of "The Loft"

Blurry shot of “The Loft” before it lost its awesomenes


Sigh. I don’t know how to turn this picture around but this is where our friends would have gotten sushi before the film.

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