Why Amy? Why?

Dear Amy,

Your voice hits the spot. I think your music is daring and I love it. I can’t believe you’re only 3 years older than I am but have the vocal maturity of someone who’s at least 30.

What I don’t understand, however, is why you’re such a mess. It saddens me. Please shower, eat some scones (do you want the name of my nutritionist? She’s cool), quit smoking, see a doctor or two, find a therapist… do SOMETHING. Wash your mouth out with soap? Joke.

Look, I don’t know. I mean I’m a mess myself sometimes but I eat pizzas to make up for it and generally try to look presentable. Then again I’m not an internationally known artist hounded by paparazzi… What do I know! So yeaaah.. Just chill and make more music mmkay?

Now I need to go hear how you only said goodbye in words and how you died a hundred times.

*sound of heart shattering*

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