Goodbye Delaware!

I completely abandoned my blog the past couple of weeks despite my many promises to update while traveling. I was at the University of Delaware (UD) on a professional development workshop and I’m now heading to Massachusetts to see my friend.


I met a group of amazing people during the course of the program; participants from the rest of the Arab world, American students, professors and UD staff. The classes in general were enriching – I learned a great deal about communication, the media and public speaking. I lived on campus, tried not to think about all the germs that were out to get me, ate food that was high in calories and sodium, but significantly cardboard-like in taste, consumed vast quantities of caffeine and bought too many books.  I played Mafia, I had interesting conversations with complete strangers and I argued with my peers, I found stuff to complain about and I fell in love with a cafe. I spent money on a ton of things I don’t need but had to have, walked to class, took hundreds of photos, stayed up late and laughed a lot. I enjoyed every minute of the program.

One thought on “Goodbye Delaware!

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