They call it “The Movie Capital of Mississippi”

The Ponder Heart, A Time to Kill, My Dog Skip, Oh Brother Where Art Thou are all movies I haven’t seen.

And they were filmed entirely in Canton, Mississippi.

On a surprisingly chilly day at the end of February (2009), my good friend Sarah drove us to this quaint little town to explore the famous Canton Square. It was like we drove right back into the 1950’s.

Apparently there’s a museum in Old Canton and a biannual Flea Market that attracts over a thousand vendors. We were there on a quiet weekend and it was like Canton was taking a nap.

We strolled around, wandering in and out of the antique stores and peering into a curtained window. We took some pictures – though I wish I took more, or had a better camera (I was using my sturdy Sony DSC-W120 at the time).

In 1950 Canton probably rocked to Bill Haley and His Comets.

In 2009 it was drowning in a stagnant pool of nostalgia.

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