Spiced everything

While September marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn (fall) around the world, we barely notice the change here in Kuwait. To be honest, there is a slight drop in temperature, a decrease in sandstorms and that’s about it. It’s around late October that the weather plays nice and by November we start getting a crisp morning breeze and the occasional rain shower if we’re lucky – I may or may not be idealizing “autumn” in Kuwait.

Sadly, the leaves don’t change color (but that might be due to the lack of trees), but at least the markets flood with pumpkins, chestnuts, apples and pears. And all I want to do is bake/eat cinnamon-y apple muffins and spicy pear breads. I want to pick up a pumpkin spice latté as I drive around to work listening to my Rainy Day playlist.

I made these apple butter pecan muffins to kick off the season and I can’t wait to add this song to my Rainy Day playlist.

One thought on “Spiced everything

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