Ski Teal We Drop

This post is not about my adventures in the Pyrenees…

“Ski Teal We Drop” is the color I believe I’m wearing. On my toenails, to be specific. (If you’re familiar with nail lacquer colors and their names please skip this paragraph and jump to the next one.) If you’re a professional sumo wrestler or a full-time crocodile wrangler, I forgive you. Your job may not allow you to stop at your favorite nail bar for a quick mani/pedi every once in a while. So you don’t know what it’s like to walk in and be completely dazzled by the hundreds of colors (I’m not even exaggerating). Nailpolish is no longer described as ‘red’ or ‘black’. That’s soooo 90’s. It’s 2011 and it’s all about the specificity! Por exemplo, OPI alone has over 25 shades of red ranging from, “A Oui Bit of Red” to “Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.” My favorite is “Off With her Red!” Essie probably has over 60 shades of red with names like, “Escapades” which a creamy-coral red to “Catwalk,” a fierce, fiery, shimmering red. The moral of the story is: there are a lot of shades to choose from and it’s not easy.

Ok so now that we all know a little something about nailpolish colors, I can go on with my story. After work today, my friend and I headed to my favorite nail bar for much-needed manicures and pedicures. Of course we duly gossiped and threw in enough ohmygawd‘s, and totallllly‘s for them not to throw us out (it’s nail bar etiquette to speak in a sing-song voice and sound like one of The Plastics in Mean Girls). So of course we spent the first five minutes debating over colors, flipping each bottle over to check its name.

I settled for a matte purple and a deep aquamarine blue for my toenails. But it wasn’t until I got home that I started completely freaking out. I forgot to check the names of the colors I picked! I only ever wear  colors with creative names. I almost panicked. I racked my brain but couldn’t remember. The obsessive compulsive freak inside me was telling me to get on the phone, call the nail bar and have them read each and every single nail polish color they have. Or at least all the matte shades and the shiny blue-green ones. And then I had a lightbulb moment; I remembered the glorious Internet. The obsessive compulsive freak was hyperventilating by the time I turned my laptop on and got on OPI’s website to search for the colors.

Relief washed over me when I found “Ski Teal We Drop” but I’m still not sure which shade of purple from I picked. Fearing for my mental health, I decided that it’s too light to be “Russian Navy” and therefore has to be “Lincoln Park After Dark.” I feel better now that I know. My inner freak  has calmed down and is entering hibernation. It’ll sleep until it’s provoked by some careless typo or something.

Good night world.

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