Purple with a Purpose

Hi. This is another nailpolish post and not a tribute to Barney.

I got up on Thursday morning to find that my matte nailpolish has chipped. I didn’t want chipped nailpolish to ruin my mood (it’s almost the weekend after all!) so I decided to head over to the nail bar and get it fixed before work. Unfortunately, my conscience woke up by the time I got in my car and scolded me. Meh. So I didn’t get around to my ‘quick fix’ until around 4:30 pm and this is what I discovered:

The myseterious shade of purple…? Not even OPI!

No wonder I couldn’t tell which shade it was! It was from the matte Velvet Collection by Zoya. Wow, that felt good! I hated having to convince myself I was wearing a particular shade when I wasn’t really sure. It was like cheating! I also had the girls at the parlour find the blue-green color and yes: “Ski Teal We Drop”!  I almost danced around the nail parlour. (By the way, I can stick to US spelling for most everything…except parlour. I mean, look –> parlor. That looks weird, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought!!)

I picked a new color –“Purple with a Purpose”– and as they worked on my nails, I shared my story with the girls who worked there. I told them how I had to get online to search for the name of the color I was wearing, that not knowing was driving me crazy. They laughed sympathetically (I hope!) but they probably thought I’m a complete nutcase. Can’t say I blame them.

I can’t promise this will be the last of my frivolous, girly posts but I can assure you that such stories are infrequent and far apart. I just don’t have time to get in touch with that side of me.

Also, I don’t have work tomorrow or the day after because it’s the glorious weekend. Woohoo!

6 thoughts on “Purple with a Purpose

  1. And at this point, I have been inspired to paint my nails. *looks down at my plain bare cuticles* It’s been a while.
    And – yes, “parlor” does look odd, but then I’m Canadian.

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