Ten facts and a song

You know you’ve been ‘accepted’ into the blogosphere when you receive your first tag from a fellow blogger. Thanks for tagging me Sandra!

Here are 10 facts about me and here’s to hoping this puts an end to my writer’s block:

1. I am (ever so slowly) building my library – as seen in Beauty and the Beast 20 years ago.

2. Internet was down for 4 hours yesterday and I practically had a panic attack. I mean it’s one thing to voluntarily leave my phone upstairs and wander into the kitchen. It’s another thing entirely to be cut off from the world. Against my will.

3. I took really good care of my toys as a kid and I still have most of them in storage, but one thing I can’t seem to find is my Polly Pocket shell!

4. I love nature. Especially I’m admiring it from behind a very clean window.

5. I can’t do needlework, stitch, crochet or knit. But I more than made up for it in friendship bracelets.

6. I’m very much into audiobooks right now. I get to “read” and drive!

7. Roller-coasters are rather unnecessary, don’t you think? In other words… they SCARE me.

8. Food I no longer hate: eggs (still can’t do boiled eggs or runny yolks), peanut butter, sushi, red meat, Falafel, hummus, pumpkin and butternut squash, carrot cake, raisins in biscuits, . Yay me!

9. I almost completed a year of Project 365 on my phone: a photo a day, every day from March 9th 2010 to 31st December 2010. Then the app on my phone went crazy and I gave up.

10. Great advice a friend gave me before I embarked on a life changing adventure: “Enjoy it, live it and most importantly love it!”

Meh, that was a little half-hearted. But I still get to tag people right? Sarah, Nisha and Ever Rambling, it’s your turn to share even more about yourselves with random strangers over the World Wide Web.

And since we’re sharing, here’s a song I love:

3 thoughts on “Ten facts and a song

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