سوق السمك

(Title reads: The fish market)

I love having visitors because I become a tourist in my own country.

I usually don’t need an excuse to get to Souq Al-Mubarakiya, but I do need to be taking people around if I’m ever going to get to the other museums for example or visit the fish market and the different mosques. The best part though, is seeing Kuwait with fresh eyes. I’m filled with love and pride when an old man in the market offers my friends tea and shares his stories, or when a smiling woman points us in the right direction. It’s endearing when people don’t stop and stare, they stop and ask my guests if they’re having a good time and what they think of Kuwait. I enjoy explaining the traditions that are so ingrained in our every day lives that we’ve become oblivious to their beauty and significance. It’s refreshing to focus on the positive.

Here are a few photos I took when S. was visiting Kuwait in the summer of 2010. [You can read about my Mississippi adventures with S. here, here and here.]

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