Ramblings and a song

I’m supposed to post daily in preparation for nanowrimo, but just the thought of writing something every day (novel, aside) scares me to death. And I know exactly why I’m terrified (hold on while I find my horn-rimmed glasses, people take me more seriously when I’m wearing them). So, now that I look more like Tina Fey (yeah, right) let tell you why blogging daily is such a dilemma.

It’s my *clears throat* deep-rooted, crippling  phobia of commitment – unfortunately, my phobia doesn’t have a fascinating name like coprastasophobia, the fear of constipation. For example, I practically get hives when I’m about to sign a contract. I feel like I’m giving up my freedom and handing my life over to my employer, like I’m entering a binding agreement I cannot break, like I’m Snow White knowingly biting that poisoned apple. I get very philosophical; I start conversing with The Universe. (I’m a little self-centered and easily distracted, so our conversations are brief, one-sided and about me. I do all the talking.) Maybe it’s because there was always something off about the contracts I’ve signed, none of them sounded just quite right. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found my dream job yet (read: professional ice-cream taster). The point is, I despise signing contracts.

But there are no contracts when it comes to blogging or taking part in nanowrimo, right? And so of course, I find other things to obsess about.  The moment I commit to writing something, I instantly set myself up for failure. Like with the blog, I kept thinking: how am I going to come up with something new to write every day? How will I ever have time? Who’s going to read it anyway? I’m my own worst critic. I still can’t believe I’ve had three blogs since 2004! What was I thinking  leaving imperfect pieces of writing on the Internet for everyone to see? *Shudders*

Yet here I am, despite all the negativity, still blogging. I push myself because I want to write more; I want constructive criticism and I want to record my thoughts, share my feelings and learn from others. I will try to post daily but if I don’t, you’ll let it slide, won’t you? Posts may be disconnected, hurried or dull. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ok. That’s it. Anticlimactic, but that’s all I’ve got for now. *Taking off the glasses*

Ready for the song? It comes with a short story.

I was driving out of Kuwait City late last night, windows down, relishing the cool breeze. I was glad to be wearing a denim jacket! Yes… Summer. Is. Over.

It was the perfect weather for my favorite song by Adele. I had this on repeat:

2 thoughts on “Ramblings and a song

  1. Don’t stress too much dear! I felt the same way (although I didn’t get hives or anything) when I took up the 30-day book challenge. People said it would be difficult to post evryday and it was a little difficult I wont lie- I’m on day 29 now and managed to miss only 5 days so far, but I let it slide. The important thing is to have fun.

    Off course with the Book challenge it was slightly easier because the topic for each day was already chosen. Might I suggest that you plan a few days before you start, all the topics and maybe a few drafts, so that you have a headstart and you won’t feel that much pressure.

    I’m glad you didn’t give up blogging. Dont give it up, I think you’re very good at it!
    Good luck with the Postaday, I know you can do it! :)

    • Nisha! I’m sorry it took me forever to respond to your comment :(

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I agree that taking up a challenge and preparing posts in advance helps. I love the moral support and I will not give up :)

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