There are things that I just don’t understand like

  • Sine, Cosine and Tangent (or sin, cos and tan – when they’re trying to be cool). Blah, blah and BLAH. This concept has eluded me since the 7th grade, at some point I just stopped trying to get it
  • Very angry people on the road. If you live in the Middle East you’re probably aware of the type, they take everything personally
  • Eggplants
  • How ants communicate
  • Quantum physics
  • Cold soup. Not like when your tomato soup goes cold and you put it in the microwave, silly. I’m not that thick (haha, get it? Not that thick). Anyway, I mean more like chilled cucumber soups
  • Banks
There’s a lot more that I don’t understand but let’s stop at banks for now.

Banks baffle me. I know the simplified version of how they work and even that barely makes any sense. The concept of money is too hard for me to grasp and banks deal with money, so I guess they’ll forever be a mystery?

And speaking of mysteries! I got a mysterious call from NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) yesterday morning, the employee wanted certain details…like my name, my branch, my date of birth and the last 4 digits of my Civil ID. Whaaaa? (By the way, our Civil IDs are linked to our NBK accounts and the Civil ID number IS one’s date of birth followed by four digits.)

I asked her why she needs this information and she told me that it’s for security measures. What kind of security measures, I wanted to know, don’t you already have all this information?

This is roughly what the conversation went like —  I’m taking a few liberties as I translate from Arabic to English.

Her: This is so we can monitor who’s making the transactions…
Me: I thought I’m not supposed to give this information out to anyone.
Her: No one can do anything with the information you give me.
Me: So why do you want it?
Her: This is for a new security measure. If you don’t believe me, call NBK and ask for ——-.
Me (after giving her half the information): Look, I don’t feel comfortable doing this. If NBK needs this information, they shouldn’t be asking for it over the phone.


Assuming NBK employee really are under directives to call and ask for this information, whose bright idea was that? Couldn’t they call and first ask me if I can come to the branch to update my information? Didn’t they think their customers would be a little wary? No one I know has received a similar call.


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