The mother art is architecture

“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” – Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect and writer 1867-1959

The following are pictures I took last week inside the Arab Fund Headquarters Building, just outside Kuwait City. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty and architectural genius of this building. It was my second visit, but I was still blown away.

If you’re ever in Kuwait, make sure it’s at the top of your To See list.

The Syrian fountain in the atrium
Detail from another Syrian fountain
A geometric patter – one of the many Islamic motifs seen in the building
This cosy seating area was outside one of the meeting rooms
The ledge of a beautiful meeting table
The carpet inside the mosque
One of the massive brass chandeliers

6 thoughts on “The mother art is architecture

    • Thanks for stopping by, Nicolas :)

      The whole building is incredible and an engineering masterpiece. I’ll try to post more about it.

  1. F. that’s amazing!! [i’d like to think this post was directed especially to me so let me have it :)] what’s even more intriguing about this architecture is the way you chose to depict it in your photography!! you leave us no clue about the scale of things (except the sofa) which makes the architecture all the more mysterious! the supper-sized fish details and the “massive chandelier” with the huge woodwork (i assume) in the background.. you can’t really grasp the scale of things on the spot!

    on a related subject.. modern architecture in Kuwait is quite impressive as well!
    published this week…

    I like the oriental take on modern architecture and the fact that they do not mimic the details in ancient arabic architecture but manage to somehow convey a general oriental feel to the clean-ege modern space! – should peace happens you’re so taking me for a tour in both these buildings :D

  2. But of course this post is all yours! I thought about you while I was there.

    Thank you for the compliments, they mean a lot coming from an amazing photographer! By the way, that’s the ceiling above the chandelier.

    I’m very excited about the new airport, the current one was great… if we were still in the 1960s!

    This building depicts art from each of the countries represented in the Arab Fund. The outside of the building is sleek and modern, completely contradicting the rich, oriental interior. Yalla, get started on this peace stuff :) would love to take you around.

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