Suspend all logic. Then Tweet.

I should start out by admitting that I no longer have a Twitter account – although I was an avid user in 2008 and until the end of 2009. I found it to be time-consuming and distracting, that is not to say I don’t see how it can be beneficial. Frankly, I just don’t have the energy to tweet nor a frenetic interest in my friends’ whereabouts, thoughts and musings. But apparently I’m one of the very few people who is not constantly tweeting.

A social media endemic is sweeping through the country. Individuals who were still trying to figure out how e-mails worked a few months ago are now actively tweeting, blogging and posting on Facebook. Social media literacy is critical today as the world recognizes the power of these tools, the lack of knowledge and true understanding of these media, however, is disastrous.

Time and again, I’ve heard people make some outrageous claim and when challenged they are quick to cite Twitter. Twitter (for the most part) is not  a legitimate source of information even though it must extremely tempting to take the written word for the ultimate, unchangeable and unquestionable truth (a concept philosophers have argued since ancient history). I’ve noticed that people in Kuwait have stopped thinking, quickly retweeting and often aiding the dissemination of false information. It frightens me.

My friend and her family are the latest victims of this craze. The proud owners of Pierre Marcolini’s (Kuwait  branch) decadent chocolate store, they have been operating in Kuwait for years with absolutely no problem. They recently moved the store to a new location in a large, busy mall, which obviously attracted a bigger crowd. It may even have attracted the wrong crowd.

The store has been shut down by the ministry for allegedly selling chocolates that contain alcohol, thereby breaking the law. This information is not true. Samples of the imported chocolate are systematically tested by the authorities upon entering the country and have never been stopped or questioned. The owners have requested from Pierre Marcolini that the products made for the Kuwait market to be alcohol free, a request honored and maintained by all parties involved.

This whole fiasco started when an unidentified woman made this claim (based on the European Marcolini website). Samples from the store were held by the authorities for several months for analysis – the delay, deliberate or not, is questionable. The chocolates were probably not stored at the right temperature and contained fruit syrups which would have perished. In addition to the first test, two independent analyses of the same product (carried in labs in Belgium and Kuwait) have proved that the claim is false, but the woman’s vindictive campaign pushed the ministry to shut the store. She maliciously spread the word on Twitter, blogs and through Whatsapp and text messages until the country was buzzing with the news. There are now horrific statements being made about my friend’s family adding to the slander and making abstruse arguments.

I hope you support Marcolini during these difficult times and remember that rumors are not to be taken lightly as they can destroy people.

Have a great weekend and here’s a song to cheer you up after that heavy post.

4 thoughts on “Suspend all logic. Then Tweet.

  1. Lets not forget the serial killers/rapists and child molesters who use social media to lure victims. Thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

    I, for one, am not on Twitter. I want to try it however and see what all the fuss is about although I can’t imagine tweeting every, single, silly thing that is going on in my life.
    Its terrible what’s happened to your friends but i believe in “what goes around comes around” so that horrible woman will surely get her comeuppance soon! :)

    Btw, congrats, I’ve awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award. You can check it out on my blog! :)

    • Ok it took me WAY too long to reply to this. Mainly because I was shocked and happy to be awarded the Verstaile Blogger award! You flatter me :D

      Twitter really needs an age limit or something. Parental consent, somehow? Though people will always find ways around it.

      What goes around certainly comes around and she will face consquences soon.

  2. ugh always hated twitter!.. i feel that most of those who use it are lowlifes that have nothing to do their life but to get in everybody else’s business!! which is very typical of a lot of ppl here! + its a home for stalkers and creepers.. i might be the only girl but gossiping and spreading rumors are just not my thing!

    • Haha Shoosh, your point of view is always so extreme!

      I think Twitter can be a great social tool, but like everything else in our world it’s a double-edged sword. Personally, I think its cons outweigh its pros. If nothing else it only allows a certain number of characters, adding to the global dilemma of attention deficiency by encouraging bursts of information that barely scratch the surface on any given topic.

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