We teach life, sir.

The video I’m posting today may be going viral, but no matter how many people watch this (over 44,874 views right now) it will never be enough. Why? Because the video addresses human suffering. It tells a story we’ve all heard before, but it makes it fresh and real. The video should shake us to the core. That is, if our diminishing humanity hasn’t shrivelled up yet allowing us to shrug at murders, genocides and occupations.

Remember Sophia Grace Brownlee? The little girl who put on an adorable pink tutu and tiara and sang her heart out about men, love, sex and drugs? Her video got 21,440,978 views (as of now). And her jaw-dropping performance was rewarded in front of the whole world when she made an appearance on the Ellen Show. Sophia got to meet her idol and sing, “he just gotta give me that look and when he give me that look, then the panties comin’ off, off.” I wonder if that’s all our society can applaud now.

I leave you with Rafeef Ziadah and I hope that you’ll listen to her story with an open-mind, free from biases.

4 thoughts on “We teach life, sir.

    • Thanks for telling me about it. Looks like it’s long and in several parts. Most of the facts I’m already aware of, but it’s good to refresh my memory. I’ll watch and blog about it.

  1. You know I’m such a big fan of Nicki Minaj, and as much as I want to defend that little girl’s performance, I can’t because you are absolutely right. The priorities of the media and of people in general are all messed up.

    That woman is a terrific orator btw. She’s amazing.

    • I must say, the little girl’s performance blew me away. It was just a shame to see a five year old sing that particular song. And then I couldn’t believe how her video went viral despite the inappropriateness of the song. But people would shy away from Rafeef’s video and look the other way. Crazy world we live in!

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