Istanyi Park, just another mall?

They say shopping malls are now the same all over the world, I beg to differ. I mean it’s not like I plan my trips around shopping but I do enjoy checking out a mall or two if I have time, to see the different layouts and atmospheres, poke around the local shops and look for a good café.

We ended up in Istanyi Park quite by accident but it wasn’t bad at all. Most of the shopping area is covered with a domed glass ceiling, letting in plenty of sunlight and giving the mall an airy feel. My favorite part was the little marketplace, reminiescent of Harrods’ Food Hall but on a much smaller scale! We located a café in the marketplace that has a tiny outdoor seating area. And we sat there for a while, enjoying the weather and sipping lattés. We shared this caramel cake with candied oranges and pistachios.

We  hit the shops after that. I spent most of my time in cookware and cutlery stores sighing over a breadmaker, running my fingers over some Cuisineart utensils and eyeing adorable espresso glasses.

I remember that giggling hysterically over the Turkish juice brand Cappy. Yes, we were convinced it was called ‘crappy’…

When we tired of shopping we sat down for salads at an Italian restaurant in the middle of the mall. The salads were humonguously gigantic! Good thing they were fantastically fresh and flavorful (how I love alliteration!) because otherwise we would have had trouble devouring them.

Not much else to report on the mall, though it seems like there’s a lot we didn’t see. On our way out a woman walked past me with the iconic pastel green Ladurée bag. My jaw dropped. It took a lot of self control not to run around the mall like a crazy woman in search of salted-caramel macarons.

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