Where did you grow up?

I hardly know anything about you. Yes, you – reading this post. I have over 50 followers subscribed for updates. All 50 get notifications when I post something. All 50 read about my life, hear about my clumsiness, put up with my humor and go through my pictures. On a good day, I get over 60 unique hits on my blogs. Sometimes more but often less. And it sometimes hits me how you all know so much about me and I don’t know anything about you. I admit that I harassed a bunch of my friends to sign up for my blog but I still don’t know each and every one of you, checking my scribbles on a regular basis. So, I decided to get to know you. And I have really simple question for you! Where did you grow up?

My question is inspired by a cool photographer I follow on Instagram who’s taking the time to get to know his 76,443 followers (YIKES!). If he can do that, I can surely get a few answers out of my readers….right? Yeah? I can’t hear youuu (A little voice in the back of my head is saying, shut up, don’t sound so desperate now! You’re begging.)

I grew up in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. For eleven years, we lived about 300 meters away from the beach in a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. I didn’t appreciate Oman enough when I was living there, but I do think it’s a place I could move back to – despite its slow pace. There’s something so magnificent about that country and I can’t put my finger on it. Here’s a picture I took on my last trip to Oman a few years ago.

I feel like this picture really captures my childhood in Oman. Lush greens, earthy browns, blue skies and sunshine. I look at it and hear laughter, music and the voices of my parents, siblings and friends. I spent eleven incredible years in Muscat. Where did you grow up?

20 thoughts on “Where did you grow up?

  1. Hey! We haven’t spoken in ages! Hope you are well my friend :)
    To answer your question, I grew up in South Africa in a town called Pietermaritzburg, and I still live here! LOL. I’m not too fond of my hometown – I guess its the whole ‘familiarity breeding contempt’ concept. I’m hoping to move soon though…
    Now Muscat just seems wonderful, judging from the picture alone. I assume it has an incredible history… :D

    • Nisha, it’s been too long! I’m doing ok, a little overwhelmed at work. How are things with you?
      I know exactly what you mean – I often feel like I’m outgrowing my surroundings! I can’t wait to move. Muscat was beautiful, but I was quite bored as a teenager. The seas and mountains are breathtaking but there wasn’t much going on in the city itself.

  2. Fatoomah, I think you are a person who appreciates any place you find yourself in- even if not during the time, in restrospect. Home truly is of the people you connect with in a particular area. and woman, you know who I represent- Egypt and the ‘Sippi alll day! Summers spent in Egypt meant I was surrounded by family/friends who may have been overwhelmed with the hustle, bustle, corruption, and dirtiness of the city, but still managed to laugh, joke, and make friends with strangers on a daily basis. Living in a slow-paced area like Mississippi means we had time for books and picnics and barbeques and BB King jams and the list of simple joys continues. Now that I live on a very different pace (in Baltimore), both my Mississippi and Egyptian simple approaches to life help me balance the chaos that you can find in this competitive environment.

    • You’re one of my favorite people. Always positive and supportive!

      I spent summers in Kuwait surrounded by family, friends so Muscat was a great balance the rest of the year: slow-paced, sunny days, time to read and form friendships. But I actually miss Mississippi more than I thought possible. Or maybe I miss the independence and the flexibility of life in the US.

      How’s Baltimore treating you? It’s not too intense, is it?

    • Hi, welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting (and liking my other posts!).

      I was supposed to move to Surrey a couple of years ago, that’s close to Reading right?

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  6. In Kuwait. I lived 21 of my years in an old home in Omaryia taking care of the neighborhood cats. Now I’m currently in Jaberiya sleeping in the basement until winter comes, then I’ll be living in coffee shops.

    • Hi Mubarak and welcome to my blog!

      Tell us more. I’m intrigued. My grandfather used to take care of the neighborhood cats – he lived in an old house in Rumaithiya. I think the cats really miss him now :(

      Winter needs to get here sooner. I can’t wait to sit outdoors again.

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