Pretty little things for a charitable cause

The creative, witty, and (sometimes inappropriately) funny Noaf has done it again! She’s gone and pulled off another swanky event, this time at Beit Al Sadu. I previously wrote about another event she planned, read about it here. This event not only brings together regional brands, but also aims to raise funds to renovate an entire building at the orphanage.

I missed the first Pretty Little Things (PLT), it was  in November, at the time when my face was swollen and I didn’t want to scare young entrepreneurs away. This time, however, I was one of the first people there. I was overwhelmed by the number of participants this year; their work is truly inspiring.

I started off by talking to Lubna Al-Nakib from So Lulu whose handmade jewelry is vibrant, chic and wearable. She uses precious stones, pearls and vintage beads.

Right across from Lubna was Lina, a gemologist and jewelry designer. Every piece in her collection is handmade, gold-plated (waaaait for it) crochet. I have never seen anything like it! Lina was telling me how many crochet needles she goes through in making these pieces. I would have given up after the first two!

There were about three other jewelry makers/designers (if I remember correctly), May Al-Qassar, Muneera Al-Sharhan and Th’haba. Although their styles and designs differ greatly, all three of them are passionate about jewelry.

May is well-known in Kuwait for her line of Arabic calligraphy inspired jewelry, mostly the double ring and the Arabic letter earrings.

Muneera Hamed Alsharhan graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. She defines herself as an artist and she focuses on producing 3D tangible art. She specializes in creating contemporary and art jewelry. The collection she’s showcasing and selling at PLT was made using “low wax casting” as well as other  hand fabrication methods and was inspired by Beit Al Sadu.

I met Farah Al-Humaidhi who creates functional, unique home accessories and furniture pieces. Her collection is dainty, stylish and clever. The selection of colors makes her pieces hard to resist. You just want to have them all!

There were a lot more participants like The Yard and Fyunka, I can’t possibly do them all justice in this post. I will be passing by again, this time to shop and have a cup of tea. The little seating area outside was cute!

I plan on passing by PLT again (and you should too! PLT is open from 3 – 10 PM until Tuesday, 1st May) but here are a few more pictures.

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