The Eresin Crown: excellent hotel and location

I admit that I have obsessive compulsive tendencies and that they’re magnified before a trip. I spend days looking up hotels, sites, restaurants and cafés. My borderline madness (disguised as diligence) really paid off on our trip to Istanbul. The precious minutes that I spent poring over travel websites, reading hundreds of reviews and comparing hotels helped me find The Eresin Crown.

I was looking for a small hotel, or a bed and breakfast – somewhere cozy but safe enough for my sister and I to walk back to at the end of the night. I wanted some place that was within walking distance of public transportation, with a beautiful view and most important of all: pleasant staff. I knew right off the bat that I didn’t want to be staying at another chain hotel (although I very nearly booked us into The W, after all the great reviews I read) and I definitely wanted to be in the more historic part of Istanbul. I was very lucky to find The Eresin Crown. The hotel is situated on a crooked side street, rubbing shoulders with shabby but colorful old buildings, a short walk away from The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, surrounded by plenty of restaurants and quite safe before midnight.

The hotel has the friendliest, most cordial staff I have ever encountered. It’s clean (albeit small), modest and safe. We didn’t have a single complaint during our stay. The breakfast was wide-ranged including both hot and cold dishes, eggs made to order as well as the best selection of local fruits. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of our breakfasts! I was absolutely smitten with their breads, hazelnut spread, yogurt and delicious figs. Although I’ve had better food elsewhere, the exceptional service at The Eresin Crown set it apart and made everything more enjoyable (I was often reminded of The Hook, mind you, so I was the most well-behaved guest in the world. Not that I’m usually rude. Just saying).

 It was really cold and rainy that November, but when the weather is warmer breakfast is served out on the terrace, overlooking Istanbul – or if you’re a hopeless romantic like me, with a view of Constantinople. Now tell me that’s not a place that’s steeped in history! I thought it was perfectly located. We snuck up to the roof to take pictures twice during our stay. I wish I had gone back at night, too. I bet the view would have been stunning.

I highly recommend this hotel, especially if you’re looking for a quiet, homey place. We mostly saw into older couples and quiet groups of European tourists – quite surprising as I’ve grown accustomed to obnoxious travelers! I’m not sure if it would be any different during a busier season, but judging from all the reviews online this little hotel has maintained its standards. Oh and how can you tell you’re standing outside The Eresin Crown? The hotel is guarded by a sweet-tempered cat. I don’t know how I manage to find these quirky places!

Have you ever stayed somewhere comfortable and cozy? Please tell me about it as I’m on a mission to travel the world and if you provide me with a few great hotels my research time will be significantly cut down.

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