Little things: a building


This photo was taken in the heart of Salmiya, a busy commercial/residential area in Kuwait.

I drove past it this building so many times but it caught my eye today, something about it looked different. I drove back, pulled over and walked right up to this run down building to take a picture. I can’t tell what’s different, other than there was clearly a fire at some point… And this strange painting that was propped outside!

This building is probably on the verge of being demolished, as high rises and shopping malls spring up around it. I wonder who lived here, who passed by and if they building’s occupied by squatters. Who last opened those windows and what did they see? I wonder who put that painting up and where it came from. Was somebody trying to attract attention? Who were they talking to? Was it a joke?

I feel like this building has more life in it than all the shopping malls in Salmiya. But nobody looks twice. People drive right past it, even when they have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

3 thoughts on “Little things: a building

  1. This place has so much character oozing out of it’s windows and doors! Here’s the “funny” thing about reviving a place or a street by tearing down old buildings, you end up erasing the existing urban fabric that is the by-product of designing that building! streets are basically the voids between buildings molded by their facades, we loose so much more in the act of demolishing a mere building than we realize!

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