Eat moderately and read labels

I sometimes work backwards. I posted about Food Revolution’s (Kuwait) second event here and now I’m writing about the very first event in May 2012.

 The first event, in my opinion, was better for one main reason: incorporating the whole family! The typical Kuwaiti family does not take part in shared activities. Kids are usually glued to their electronic devices or with their cousins/friends, supervised by their nannies. Mothers on the other hand are immersed in their social obligations or busy at work. Fathers are the ever-present, ever-absent figures. So what did the Food Revolution team do? Brought the whole family together for a day in the kitchen.

Fatmah's pictures from Food Rev Kuwait

The event took place at Chef Boutique and started off with a couple of lectures for the parents, educating them on real food. I was busy taking photos of the children playing and coloring. We then moved to a large dining table where the younger kids created an island fruit salad using plastic knives and cutting boards. I couldn’t believe how much fun the kids had with this simple activity. They really thought they were cooking!

Fatmah's pictures from Food Rev Kuwait

The last part of the event took the older kids with their parents to the kitchen counters where they created a slightly more complicated fruit salad. The parents used real knives for this but working with their kids in small teams was great – everyone was bonding. Over healthy food.

On their way out, everybody got a healthy dinner box, prepared by Jumana Al-Awadhi. The food was delicious and inspired me to cook on weekends so I can take a little lunchbox to work instead of ordering while I’m at the office. Thank you Juna, Dr. Nada, Jumana (+ the volunteers) and Chef Boutique for a great event. I look forward to more workshops like this in the future.

Here are more pictures from the event. As usual, please don’t use these without permission. I’d gladly share the pictures with you if you e-mail and ask.

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