Adventures happen

Yesterday I posted about the Pierre Loti Café in Istanbul. It was not easy to get to (using public transportation) but our real adventure started when we were heading back to our hotel.

Pierre Loti Fscribbles

It was around 2 PM and we’ve been in Eyüp for a few hours, so we decided to go back to our hotel. We trudged back to the bus stop and we were amazed at the transformation! The roads that were empty and quiet a few hours ago were heavy with traffic. Thick exhaust fume filled the air, the cars and buses were bumper to bumper, loud honks and people shouting. We were caught in the local Eid rush. People pushed each other to get on the bus and the door barely closed as 50 or 60 people stood crammed together in the old vehicles.

We waited for 10 or 15 minutes, but it was futile. We clearly needed to find another way to get to our part of the city. I desperately tried to hail a taxi, but they were all full and waved us away. After a while, I convinced my sister to walk. I thought we could walk away from the traffic jam and find a taxi down the road. Keeping the water on our left and heading in the general direction of Sultanahmet, we started walking…

By the time we caught a taxi, my sister and I were ready to burst into tears. Our feet were blistered and our hands hurt from carrying our bags (of course we had shopped along the way). The best part of our adventure though was seeing parts of Istanbul that are not visible to tourists. We even stumbled on a filmshoot for a Turkish soap opera! Here are pictures from our long walk that day:

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