Sunny days and cupcakes

This photo is precisely how I remember my time in Delaware: blurry, sunny and full of laughter.

Last summer I was at the University of Delaware for couple of weeks on a professional development program. I met some inspiring people and we had an unforgettable two weeks of political debates, brainstorming sessions, late night strolls and long talks.

I was going through some photos and came across these from an adorable bakery in Newark called SAS Cupcakes.

SAS Cupcakes Bakery DelawareSAS Bakery Cupcakes Delaware

Oh what I would do for one of those cupcakes!

SAS Cupcakes is one of those feel good stores. It makes you want to host a gathering ASAP. It makes you want to put on a floral dress, a dainty headband and twirl. It makes you ache for a chocolate frosted cupcake and it certainly makes you giggle.

I promise that they have not paid me to write this post but it would be great if they could ship me a box of cupcakes all the way to Kuwait. Yes, that is the very definition of wishful thinking. Sigh.

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