Istanbul eats: waffles at Mio Amore

If you read my last post you’ll remember how I described the Princes’ Islands in Turkey as mindnumbingly banal (ok, maybe I wasn’t that harsh but we were bored to death). At some point during the day, we were slightly distracted by three dancing girls who couldn’t perform to save their lives but put on a show regardless of their lack of talent. Tourists gathered to clap and cheer them on. I think most people were thankful for some sort of amusement on the Princes’ Islands.

dancing girls Princes' Islands TurkeyDancing girls Princes' Islands Turkey Once the pedestrian performance came to an end, we wandered the streets again, looking for something to do. And that’s when we heard the loud shouts of a man, “MIOOOOOO AMORE!” He was standing outside a decent looking café, making hot waffles. We were sold.

waffles Mio Amore Turkey

The highlight of the trip to the Princes’ Islands turned out to be Mio Amore Caffe. Mio Amore has a few experiences baristas making espresso based drinks which is not common in Turkey where the main drinks are Turkish coffee and tea. If I’m not mistaken, the café is either owned or managed by a European (or maybe American?) woman. Mio Amore supplies the whole island with ice cream (gelato) and they have a gazillion flavors that I would have loved to try had it not been so cold that day.

We got a table inside and enjoyed the cozy European coffee-house. I got an excellent pot of brewed coffee (French pressed) which made everything on the island slightly more bearable. I got the banana nut waffle which would have been better without the ice cream and all that caramel. It was a little too sweet for me. My sister loved her nutella and strawberry waffle and I suspect it’s one their best-sellers. So if, for whatever strange reason, you find yourself on the Princes’ Islands (Büyükada), make sure you stop for coffee and ice cream at Mio Amore.

Mio Amore Turkey coffee and waffles

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