Through the viewfinder


Istanbul colors Turkey

Istanbul, near our hotel
November 2011

Do you stop for a few seconds to compose a picture? Do you take all the elements in before you decide?
Do you see the cracks and the rust? Do you make the colors pop?
Do you have an eye for parallel lines? Do you like fluffy clouds and clear skies?
Do you use flash? Do you rely on natural light?
Do you step back and steady your hand? Do you sit, squat or awkwardly stand?
Do you always have your camera on hand?

I have never taken photography classes and I don’t know what all the buttons on my camera do (I suspect that my T2i is just itching to unleash its supernatural powers) but I’ve been learning by looking at my own photographs and trying to avoid making the same mistakes again. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and retake a photo, but this time I would step back and maybe a little to the right.

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