A cake to celebrate

I baked a dark, dense cake two nights ago. Think: dates, dark chocolate and a shot of espresso. You like? I LOVE.

Harder than making the cake was actually photographing the steps! I realized that using a camera in the kitchen is a a serious challenge. The lighting was terrible, my hands were sticky. Although I don’t have a recipe for you, I do have some photos.

You’re welcome.

chocolate date cake

I first baked my intense choco-date cake in a bundt pan. When the cake cooled, I cut it and filled it with a sweet but spicy date purée. I slathered the rest of the purée on top.

I then made a pot of dangerously sticky toffee. I added chunks of dark chocolate to the toffee, creating a thick chocolate glaze which I then poured all over the cake.

chocolate date cake

At this point the cake was “done” but I felt like it still needed a little oomph.

So I shelled a bunch of peanuts, crumbled the skin off and roasted them until they were a perfect golden brown. Are you sitting down? I crushed the peanuts and sprinkled them over the cooling chocolate.

It became a chocolate date peanut coffee cake.

Words fail me. I leave you with the pictures.

mortar pestle peanuts

chocolate date cake with peanutsEid chocolate date cake

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