How do you eat ice cream?

As much as I love ice-cream, I hate all the decision-making involved. The first dilemma that I face is: cup or cone? When fresh waffle cones are available that’s hardly a hard choice. But when you are faced with waffle cones dipped in chocolate, waffle cones dipped in dark chocolate, or dipped in chocolate then covered with nuts…? Oh I just cry. Inside.

So you’ve jumped the first hurdle and you quickly blurted your answer. Now you really have to decide: fruity or chocolatey?

Why? Because they are not to be mixed, good people. You’re either in the mood for a light lemon sorbet or a rich mocha choca. Please do not get a scoop of raspberry ripple with a scoop of good old-fashioned cookies n’ cream. I should not have to explain this but they do not go together! [I am the Queen of Ice-Cream Land and my words shall reign.]

Decisions, decisions!

Once you’ve crossed every bridge and you have your ice-cream in hand, you now have to make the ultimate, life-changing decision. To eat your ice-cream slowly or to let it melt a bit?

I guess you don’t have a choice with a cone in hand but when you have two or three scoops (that was not me confessing) of different enticing flavors all sitting happily in a cup… what do you do?! Do you wait for them to get all meltedy and swirly? Do you take a tiny spoonful of each flavor and alternate flavors? Or do you finish one scoop and get started on the other? Am I the only one who turns my ice-cream experience into an epic tale with dragon slayers and queens?

That’s how we do it. Et tu?

9 thoughts on “How do you eat ice cream?

  1. Fatoom…the chart above SHOULD be sold and placed above every single ice-cream bar!….and sooooo agree with the “no topping” on sorbets hahahhaha…Salute to the ice-cream post!!

  2. so where can we find the best ice cream in Kuwait?? also, fruit ice cream does not always have to be sorbet. If it’s fruity but not sorbet, toppings are definitely allowed (especially fresh fruit & chocolate). Other than that, love the graphic :)

    • You make an excellent point! I shall, hereby, allow toppings on fruity ice creams ;)

      Hmm there’s a tiny place in Kuwait City called Gelato Italiano – on Ahmad Al-Jaber Street if I’m not mistaken, next to Aussie Cafe. I LOVE it. Possibilities are endless… sigh and so are the calories. But you’ll get some unique Arabic flavors like saffron. Try a few before choosing, the guy who works there is amazing.

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