Burn flags and protest

Burn flags! Stomp!

Raise misspelled slogans

painted in red

on flimsy cardboard over your head

and yell: death to the West!

Get organized! For once in your life.

Put out that cheap cigarette, march.


What a perfect angry mob.

You take orders so well. Look up.

There’s your leader in the crowd,

make sure the camera’s on you,

wait for his cue

and holler into the sky: America must die!

Join hands. Rally for a worthy cause;

fight your police.

Defend your religion of peace,

your freedom of speech, your beliefs,

with guns and grenades.

The world should understand

that you are enraged.

Go on and protest!

It is your democratic  right

in an autocratic land. Ignite

fires: this is how you fight.

Set light

to another flag. For once, you’ll feel alive.

When you’re done chanting for the night

go home to your family, go back to your life.

Feed them lies!

Teach your kids how to terrorize.

Sit down for a Big Mac and a Happy Meal

while you generalize

and theorize

about a corrupt nation.

Then send them – eight years later –

for a proper education:

a business or an engineering degree

from a reputable university

like Stanford or  MIT

Don’t give up the fight!

Curse the West.

Wail, flail, denounce,

threaten to avenge.

You have every right

to turn up the beat, to light

another cigarette

and demand a visa, a minaret.

2 thoughts on “Burn flags and protest

  1. I have a lot of Iranian friends who would tell me the protests in Iran were just like that. A lot of yelling of anti-American slogans, then stop off and get a Pepsi or Coca-cola and some hamburgers talk and dream about going to Disneyland and California! :-D

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