Costa Rica is… far

I arrived in Costa Rica late at night, after a long journey half way around the world.

My day started at 7 AM on 24th September; I woke up and rushed to work. And by “rushed to work” I mean: sat in traffic for an hour, sipping my latté and listening to the BBC World Service. I had a hectic day in the office but left early, hoping that I would have time for a quick nap that afternoon. Alas, leaving early coincided with Kuwait’s cruel rush hour. Once again, I sat in traffic. This time for a good 80 minutes sans cup of coffee. I got home drained and cranky but I had to finish packing. I had to shower and get to the airport. The minutes were melting away in Kuwait’s heat and I did not want to risk being late.

At midnight, on 25th September, I boarded my plane and buckled my seatbelt. From Kuwait, I flew (13 hours and 35 minutes) to Washington DC where I hopped on another plane to Houston, Texas. I was fortunate enough to leave the airport for a few hours to get some sun and explore Houston with my cousin. Several hours later, I was back on another aircraft, this time flying south of the United States  and into Central America. To San José, Costa Rica.

After 33 hours of airports and airplanes, I finally landed in Juan Santamaría International Airport at almost 10 PM. Strangely enough, it was still Tuesday, 25th September! Ladies and gentlemen, I time traveled. I managed to exist in the same day for over 33 hours. Rejoice! Clap! The world should celebrate!

And as the world quietly acknowledged my achievement, I checked into my hotel and immediately jumped in the shower. I made two discoveries that night: changing in airport bathrooms is really not my thing. And Costa Rica is a long, long way from Kuwait.

If you’ve never been to Houston, this is for you.

We are the red blob. Behind the K in Oak

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