“The soul is healed by being with children” ~ Dostoyevsky

Her: Do you like cats or dogs?

Me: Dogs. But I don’t mind cats.

Her: So you’re not scared of them?

Me: No. They’re alright.

Her: I have a really tall friend in school but she has the brain of a baby!

Me: What? What does that mean?

Her: She’s tall and she’s in my grade but she likes MINNIE MOUSE.

Me: Ah.

Her: She’s not a Directioner, she’s not a Belieber, she actually likes Minnie Mouse. So I told her to grow up.

Me: Oh!

Her: One day, when you have kids… what are you going to call your daughter?

Me: Well. I don’t know. I didn’t think about it.

Her: What about your son?

Me: That’s a hard question! Girl names are easier.

Her: Yes, I agree. I’d call my daughter Majd or Reem. I hate my name. I told my Dad that he picked an ugly name.

Me: I love your name!

Her: No! I hate it. I want to get the MacBook Pro, but my parents say I don’t need it. Do you have a MacBook Pro?

Me: I have an old one, but you certainly don’t need one. Your parents are right.

Her: I fed my cat ice-cream today! Will you buy the iPhone 5? It’ll be cheaper next week.

Me: Why would I buy it? My phone works fine.

Her: What about the iPad Mini?

Me: I don’t need it.

Her: How come you didn’t adopt any kids when you volunteered in Costa Rica?

Me: I can’t just adopt a child. I’ll have to change everything about my life and start a family.

Her: Why?

Me: It’s like having a baby and becoming a parent. I have to take care of that child like my own.

Her: So?

Me: So, I can’t do that right now. And besides, I can’t bring someone from a different culture and expect them to adapt to life in Kuwait. It’s hard.

Her: Has anyone ever asked you this question? “When you have kids one day, will you give them everything they want?”

Me: Nope, no one’s asked me that.

Her: Well? Would you?

Me: Of course I wouldn’t.

Her: It’s a tough question. Hmm. Like if my four-year old daughter wanted an iPhone, I’d say NO WAY.

Me: That’s very smart.

Her: Yeah, but if I had a twelve-year-old… and they wanted a phone? I’d probably get it for them. Because if someone is twelve or thirteen they should have a phone.

Me: Oh? How old are you?

Her: I’m twelve.

Me: So you think you should have a phone?

Her: YES! I wish! Did you ever really want to see a band when you were younger and your parents said no?

Me: Oh yeaaaah.

Her: It’s NOT fair. I’d give my kids anything they wanted.

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