Cloudy sky

A cloudy sky

makes music bitter-sweet

and colors more intense,

it also makes

my heart clench

when I sense

the rain coming

and the respite ahead.

4 thoughts on “Cloudy sky

  1. You cannot even begin to understand how your blog has saved me! at the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker but I just happened to find your blog when I was going through a very trying time in my life and I read your post about volunteering at Costa Rica and all my troubles seemed to dwindle and literally disappear. I realized I was making a big deal of a molehill and nothing is really worth it. You have inspired me to try and become the better version of myself and look for ways to help out instead of just crying ‘why me’. Please blog some more…

    • Another heart-warming comment from you! Is it my birthday? :)

      Believe it or not, I’ve been saved by pieces of writing many times along the way – some of those writings were posts on blogs by strangers whereas others were literary masterpieces. I don’t think it’s strange or weird when we find what we’re looking in somebody else’s confessions or tales. I feel honored that this time I was able to (literary) throw someone a life-jacket!

      I make a molehill out of nothing ALL THE TIME. It’s only human. Yet it’s so refreshing to put things in perspective, take a step back and take in the bigger picture. The ‘why me’ becomes, ‘thank goodness that’s all I’m dealing with’

  2. I am so delighted and thrilled to pieces that you replied to my comment and for the interaction I am having with you. Thank you so much for the reassuring message, you are such a beautiful person and I feel so proud of you. I do hope you will blog on a regular basis so I can live vicariously through you some more.

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