Checking in from Amman, Jordan

A little pizzeria, bursting with color

A little pizzeria, bursting with color

Greetings from Amman where the weather is beautiful, the food is great and the taxis drivers have been completely ripping me off!

I’ve been in Jordan for five days so far and I look forward to exploring Amman a little more tomorrow. I’ve been somewhat confined to the hotel working on an exciting project but I’m determined to go on an adventure tomorrow morning.

So far, Amman has been relatively quiet, mellow and laid back – I can’t wait for the weekend though because I hear that’s when the city comes to life. If you’ve been here before and have any recommendations, please write to me. Otherwise, I’ll just wander around and cross a few places off my list. Ciao!

9 thoughts on “Checking in from Amman, Jordan

    • I just landed in Kuwait and can’t wait to write about Amman. How’s the thesis coming along? Sending you positive vibes from Kuwait!

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