Crashing waves and jazz

Sit down, make yourself comfortable. Let me tell you about this room that I’ve been working on for years – in my head. I’ve been adding cushions and changing curtains, painting and repainting the walls. I know it so well and I can’t wait to make it mine, this perfect writing room. My haven.

My room is on the second floor of a little house. It’s cozy, almost a perfect square, with large French windows that open up to a small balcony.  The walls are neutral and the armchair is old. The leather on that chair is thick but soft, cracked but still strong. There’s a small wooden desk and it is bare, never cluttered and always waiting for me. A worn handmade rug gives the room some color and a scented candle fills the air with salted caramel sweetness.

There are a few shelves in my room, lined with leather-bound classics and I can tell you exactly where to find Jane Eyre. I’d have a small collection of memorabilia: radiant glass bottles, a bracelet and a dish. In the corner there’s a gramophone and an impressive collection of great records. My room faces the ocean and the crashing waves are a comforting constant, weaving in with the warm and assertive sounds of a saxophone.

My room is filled with words, sunlight and music.

Caribbean Waves in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Caribbean Waves in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

In response to Daily Prompt’s post: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

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