What does your pizza say about you?

Everybody loves Smeg

Everybody loves Smeg

My friend Budour from The Oven Experiments recently got married which means that all our gatherings have shifted to her new apartment – mainly, her gorgeous kitchen!

Last Friday we got together for some salad and pizzas. We used a versatile Indian bread recipe for the dough (I’ll post the recipe as soon as I get it) and went wild with the toppings. My favorite pizza had homemade onion chutney, pineapples, beef pepperoni, chili and cheese.

What does my pizza say about me? Indecisive, tall, sometimes reckless twenty-six year-old female looking for sunny escapades and fiery romance (or heartburn). I probably should have left that salsa out and maybe the pepperoni was unnecessary. But hey, what’s that Italian rule? No regretta with la pizzetta, right?

I’m ready for another pizza night – but only because I want to retake this pizza personality test. If you have any crazy toppings that I can try, let me know!

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