When you travel to eat

Beit Sitti Amman

When I was not wandering around the old city of Amman in January or stuffing my face with mansaf (read about that here), I was diligently learning how to make falafel and authentic hummus at a charming little cooking school called Beit Sitti. I even have recipes that I plan on sharing with you, dear readers, when I get my life back together and find my way into the kitchen again (heavy sigh).

I had a wonderful time at Beit Sitti and I wrote about it for Bazaar. You can read my article here. Yes, this is self-promotion at its best. So, humor me. Read my article. Feed the ego. Tell me you love me. Learn how to make real hummus, America (sorry, that was uncalled for). Livin’ la vida loca. Good night, world.

5 thoughts on “When you travel to eat

  1. I love you…I adore you :) I eagerly waited for the Bazaar article when you mentioned it last time and I only read the online version. I do hope the print edition has more photos. I was quite intrigued and made up all sorts of plans to go to Jordan to attend a cooking class or two…I look forward to the recipes.

    • By the way, you are TOO kind. Your words left me speechless!
      I’m sorry it took me forever to respond but thank you so much for the moral support and for being an avid reader. Did you get your hands on the print edition yet?

  2. I look forward to more articles, I did not manage to get a copy but I downloaded the online version and I will continue looking for a copy. Wish you all the best

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