“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise”

This week, I closed a fast-paced chapter in my life and I am taking a much-needed break before I plunge into the next hectic phase. I quit my job (again!) and have valiantly joined the ranks of the unemployed – those who sleep until 9 and have gigantic breakfasts upon waking up, then open the windows to let the spring breeze in and throw themselves on the bed to write a long blog post. Y’know, the hard knock life.

Quitting my job was not easy. I handed my resignation in on the first week of January but was required to work for three months. Oh how those days dragged. Yet as much as I wanted out, I couldn’t help doubting my decision. It’s really difficult to leave a job when you have nothing immediately lined up. We have been conditioned to latch on to financial security and the stability that a full-time job supposedly provides. We have been told to hold on to our jobs at a time of economic hardships and rising unemployment. But how often are we urged to do what makes us happy, to avoid stress and to pursue our dream careers? Hardly ever. And that’s why it was not easy for me to walk away from my last job as a social community manager at an advertising agency. There were many aspects of the job that I detested but it was a paying job and I was told to suck it up, give my all, show up to work and be a grown up about it. Eventually, I ignored all the terrible advice like, “you’re young, you should work now and do what you love later,” and “not everyone gets to do what they love, be realistic!” or “don’t quit your job, you need the money,” and walked away.

You see, I have become quite the expert on “moving on” having quit three full-time positions between 2008 and 2013. People told me that I was able to leave jobs because I am not entirely dependent on that pay cheque as I still live at home. They might have a point but the driving factor for me was not financial; I left jobs in search of that dreamlike happiness that comes with doing what I love, day in and day out. It takes a lot of courage to pursue dreams as they are shrouded in so much ambiguity. There is absolutely no certainty or clarity when you’re about to leap forward in an attempt to achieve a goal you have been fantasizing about for years. My journey has been full of doubts and anxiety as well as crippling blows from family, friends, acquaintances and even academic institutions, but with the solid belief that everything happens for a reason, I have continued to move forward. I’ve also taken steps back, stumbled and taken a few falls along the way, but that’s just life, non?

I write this post to thank all those who have read my scribbles, cheered me on, believed in me, provided moral support, guidance, recommendation letters and ice cream. I’ll keep blogging about my journey, the places I see, the people I meet and what I hope to achieve. Occasionally, I’ll write about food and sometimes I’ll whine a little. Bear with me and keep reading. Leave a comment every now and then. Be safe. Be kind. Life is short, do what makes you smile.

With love, F.

Hello, little one

Hello, little one

15 thoughts on ““Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise”

  1. F Scribbles, I salute your for your act of courage almost all of us fail to display. How liberated you must feel.I am glad you did not listen to the voices and did what made you happy. We are stuck at doing what we don’t particulary love for the money. I know you will find what you love and you will be great at it. I will be eagerly following your new adventures and I am quite intrigued where life will take you next. Wish you all the best.

  2. of course not everyone gets to do what they love,but that damn sure shouldnt stop you from trying.kudos to you for not sacrificing your passions for a paycheck(sorry the other version is too british-y for me),because my goodness what a terrible trade-off.Go out there and perhaps those of us who are not quite ready to purse our own passions may yet live vicariously through you.Yalla!

  3. It takes a lot of courage to quit your job! I admire you for having the courage to go out there and look for something you’re passionate about and for not settling for less than what you think you deserve. Good luck!

  4. That little monkey made me smile! Now you have cartoon-like pies added to your journey :)
    So proud of you, can’t say it enough!

  5. You need to do something with your writing. Seriously. It’s way too good of a talent to keep within the confines of a blog (lovely as the blog is). Wherever your life ends up taking you (many fabulous locales, I’m sure), you must continue writing and possibly even consider doing so professionally. Your writing tone has such a vivid, honest cadence to it and I can sense you’re very passionate both about what you write and HOW you write as well.

    Also, I’m very intrigued by the prospect of you venturing into fiction writing (if you wish). Whenever I read some great writing, I always wonder how the writer would sound trying to navigate within a fictional narrative for a change. I’m sure you have many great stories to tell.

    Anyhow, don’t worry about the quitting a job thing. I’ve long figured out (as I’m sure you have) that being a little broke but free is a far better alternative to being a little more liquid but unfulfilled. Keep yourself honest and passionate and the right thing will come along eventually if you put yourself out there.

    • Your comment is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to write all that and I’m sorry it took me a while to respond. I just didn’t want to hurriedly type something. My mother has been badgering my to take my writing seriously for years – and I just haven’t had the courage or confidence to do anything about it! I am passionate about how I write and I hope to grow as a writer.

      I have written fiction in the past (on my other blogs, prior to this one) but it’s much harder and requires more time. I’m going to make time for it over the next few months. I’ve recently joined the Kuwait Writing Club and I’m excited about that (are you interested in that?). We’ll be submitting fiction and poetry on a monthly basis and that should be a good start.

      Again, thank you for the lovely comment. Do stop by more often!

  6. Hi again, after a long time away. I’ve missed your posts and am happy to be back and reading again. I’m in a similar place at the moment and osciliate between feeling energised and terrified by my non-conventional choices…but sure that good things will come. As really, they’re already here. I wish you a lot of luck and I look forward to reading along!!

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