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If I could say it in a picture

You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m old enough to know that I’m not the only one. Deep down I’m an idealist but I do keep that in check with daily cynicisms and a never-ending stream of retorts. I want to make this world a better place but I don’t seem to get around to it!

These days I’m busy being a twenty-something, hungry Kuwaiti woman with a lot of commitments and not enough time. I write about life in Kuwait, food that makes my heart sing, my travels and  – every once in a while – I share pearls of wisdom with my readers. So get comfortable, read on, speak up and do come back for more.

22 thoughts on “About me

    • I’m shaking your hand right back! I’m happy to meet someone from Lithuania :)

      Thank you very much for the compliments and hope to see you here again.

  1. I didn’t know you were from Kuwait! I still have some relatives (inlaws) who live in Kuwait but most of them moved to the U.S.. My stay there after the Gulf War in the 90’s was a really memorable, exciting time for me. I had no idea what to expect and I was constantly surprised. Do you think it’s changed much since the early 90’s?

    • Well it started changing after liberation, but slowly and somewhat sensibly. But in the late 90’s/early 2000’s there was an explosion of modernization – almost a hunger for everything “new” and “Western”. If you were to visit you would be able to catch glimpses of the 1990’s Kuwait but the whole country feels different. Actually, it would be great to hear you describe it after so long! Do you have any photographs?

      • I do have photos. I have a lot of them that I have to find and scan. They were taken with old technology! A Canon T-90 35mm camera I brought with me. Kuwaitis were very helpful to take me places and show me everything. There was some destruction still, but by 1994, a lot had been cleaned up. I remember the new McDonalds! And Chichis Mexican restaurant, so many American/Western restaurant and retail places. But my favorite “casino” to relax with friends and family was “Palm Palace”. Do you know that place? I think it’s in Salmiyah…

        • I would love to see your photos. I actually grew up in Oman where my dad was working in the Embassy (and Saudi before that) but I used to spend every holiday in Kuwait. Chichis is here, but it’s terrible now :( we have 1,001 other options though, so I can’t complain!
          Palm Palace is still around and a big favorite with the expat community. But believe it or not, I’ve never been inside!

          • That’s funny. Palm Palace used to be full of Kuwaitis! :-) I guess because it’s so different from home foreigners like it now. :-D Well, I could do a blog with pictures from Kuwait or figure out how to share the photos I have with you somehow. I need to find most of them. I have very few already scanned like the one of the woman in the mural I posted with my blog.

            • Yes, please blog about life in Kuwait back then! It’s fascinating how different it all way… even that mural. You’d never find anything like it now as the country (the world?) is swinging toward a more conservative approach to EVERYTHING. Which makes painting faces a big no-no. Most walls right now are painted with religious phrases.

              • Oh that’s too bad. I thought that mural art was beautiful. I wish I had had a digital camera then, not a film camera which was so limiting! I could have shot 1,000s of pictures instead of dozens. There was always a lot to photograph there. A newspaper in Columbus, Ohio asked me to write them a story when I was in Kuwait and they never published my story. I was disappointed but I did and saw a lot of things I am glad I got to see and do.

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