In no particular order

I don’t know what your vacations are like but mine tend to revolve around good food and better company.

I’m currently visiting Muscat, where I grew up. It has been a week of delicious meals and unforgettable reunions.

Possibly even better than my last trip in 2009. Roads have changed but my friends are right here ready to pick up conversations where we left off almost a decade ago. Here is a peek into a day in my life while I’m on vacation soaking up the sun and piling on calories.

6 thoughts on “In no particular order

  1. Having good friends to go back to is really what keeps my city “home” for me. Streets and buildings can become unrecognizable, but as long as I have friendly faces to go back to, the city might as well have been frozen in time!

    • That’s true – although, don’t you feel like you have memories built into the roads? The buildings? Nostalgia kicks in when I see my old school or a restaurant I loved as a kid.

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